Sunday, July 09, 2006

almost done

have spent a few hours today, stitching on 'four seasons of joy'. it's almost done so i won't post a picture until it is done. i really like this piece ... thank you to elizabeth & marsha for designing such a joyous piece!

started "smile" yesterday as we drove to marietta. it came with a frame, so i'll frame it ... but then want to stitch something i can make into a pinkeep. i've been so inspired lately by stitchers who do unique, creative finishes as well as those who follow long-ago traditions in finishing. this is one area the internet has been good - allowing us to see what others accomplish, in stitching or anything else. i started to order pins this evening from joann online but that's a bit silly when i can stop by one of the stores & get what i want. oh, but wait - at $3/gallon for gas, is it silly to order online? a thought to consider....

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