Saturday, October 14, 2006

instead of watching hockey

i'll post here, update a bit ... my guys are losing (4-0! NOOOO!!!!!) and i can't go to bed yet and my eyes are too tired to stitch, so ... here i am.

i've not stitched this week much more than a few rows. the house is torn up with the interior painting, though it is now beginning to return to normal. the loft is painted (though tom's just created touch-up spots, installing new shelving ... oops!) but we wanted to get the living room cleaned up first. the bathroom is all done & looks wonderful! the shower curtain needs to be put back up but other than that, it's ready to use. yea!!! i'm thinking of not putting my snowmen back up - just leaving them for a "winter" decoration - and keep the bathroom patriotic. i am clearing out clutter rather than putting everything back, in every room, as it was. we have so many family things, between tom & me, we could stock a whole 'nother house - instead, we've got a full crawlspace! *lol*

the week's been full of good & bad. trudy began her radiation & her chemo - it's going to be given on a very intensive schedule so i pray she handles it all well. bill won't know any mri results until next week for his prostate cancer. we found out today his youngest brother, who's only 2 years older than me, has also now been diagnosed with prostate cancer! mike's just retired and his insurance is so expensive. i just cannot believe all of this, all at one time.

michele's neuro is holding off on a diagnosis - of any sort - until many more tests are run. it's a relief - but a temporary one as we wait for a diagnosis.

lots of drama with kel's boy's now going to be attending another school, after he spends time at the psych hospital, again. i wish we had a house large enough to take in these kids - they have such awful home lives & try so hard to find someone to care ... senior night at the game last night was nice, though it was soooo cold, we all just wanted it to speed by. our team lost, though they did play well. the jazz ensemble performed at 'football friday night' on a local tv station - very cool!

i'll miss this week's contest. :-( i need this time, though ... i feel very, very burned out ...

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