Monday, November 06, 2006

need to get...

...some pictures of my finished pieces on here! after today, life should settle (sort of) for a week or so, while tom's on his camping trip.

the band got a superior rating friday night. awesome!! it was a weird evening - 1 of our percussionists fell at school, had a concussion, played anyway. a colorguard girl fell at competition as they walked to their warmup spot, ended up at the hospital. and it was waywayway too cold! spit valves were freezing shut, chimes were clanking, the astroturf was frost-covered - but the kids persevered & were wonderful!!

tom, kel & i headed out of town for the rest of the weekend. relaxed, vegged in the country. *sigh* was very nice. i got a lot of stitching done - finished the stitched part of the wreath from mbeach. hopefully, the silks will come today for 'pursue' so i can finish that up early this week - 'cause my plan is to stitch nothing but christmas gifts while tom's away. (gotta love goals ... will i make it? *lol*)

will be a short work week. we're getting a new server at the end of the week, so ... no server, no work. whoo hoo!

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Shelleen said...

That is to bad that some of the kids got hurt.