Wednesday, November 29, 2006

the search is on!

when michele & i went to the stitcher's retreat back in may, a couple of women had these wonderful felt stitching "rolls" for storing their needles, scissors, etc. they weren't big, couldn't carry your pattern or whatever - and the rolling was like a jewelry roll. they were made out of felt & had been finished like a penny rug - blanket stitches. i cannot find a pattern or anything, though i know they exist. and i'm remembering this because shepherd's bush's latest newsletter (i received mine yesterday - yea!) mentions the ones designed by blackbird. i haven't spend eons purusing blackbird's website, but i didn't see anything jump out at me there - nor on s bush's site. if you know of a site where i may see one, may buy one, may something with these rolls, please let me know. please!!!



Michele said...

didn't I buy your mom one?

nancy said...

oh ... you bought that la d da one. you're right! but remember the felt ones those women had in class?