Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday already?!?!

 ok, i won't complain ... much *lol* ... though this has been a quick long weekend!  i suspect most people feel the same way, though.

we had a nice relaxing fun time at m&l's.  both of her sons & their families were there at one time or another - very nice to get to know them.  william, l's grandson, is a such a sweet little boy!  we had great fun with him.

came home saturday, watched hockey ...
CBJ WON! ... vegged.  still haven't really done a lot today, though we did get the names all drawn for the family exchange.  i just can't get into the holiday decorating mood - it's too warm & too green here still.  farmers are still clearing their fields - normally very unheard of in november.  weird, weird, weird.  we'll start next weekend, though tom will hopefully put up the outside lights the early part of this week as we're to get hit with more winterlike weather at the end of the week.

*yawn*  back to work tomorrow ... lots to do!


~Kim~ said...

29 days till Christmas, you got time!

Have a nice week back to work!


Sally said...

Hi Nancy! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I can't remember where I got the December Girl blinkie and the others from. I've had some of them ages!

Michele said...

Hey gf .. I stole a bunch of blinkies from Sally's site .. they are in our photobucket :)

Sally said...

Hi Nancy! I've found out where I got some of my blinkies from! There are loads here ( about 36 pages!) but you must link back to the site to show where you got them from them.