Friday, November 17, 2006

well, if i can figure out ...

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what the deal is with the word wrap .... when others look at it, do they see the seemingly never-ending line of words as i do?

i'm playing technogeek right now. have the laptop AND the desktop going. whoo hoo! *lol* i'm transferring stuff off of the laptop onto a jump drive, then i'm going to try printing a quickbooks report from the laptop. keep the fingers crossed!

i really like the french manicure i got. i have the 'natural' one, the one that's not so bright white. and now i'm wondering if i could do it myself. just takes a very steady hand ... i usually do my own manicures as well, when i do them - this was just a treat to myself on a dreary day.

been watching the jackets in their hockey game tonight. they are not doing well, at all. the crowd was booing as they left for the 2nd period break. :-(

tomorrow's the buckeyes WINNING against michigan AND my honey will be HOME. yep, he called tonight, said he was leaving up there around 8pm. yea!!!!!!!

i finished 'sampler noel' today & mom stitched it with a backing for me. now to figure out how i want to totally finish it. and i've got my next ornament - a tree - going, again over-one. who needs eyesight??? when i complete this one, i'm going back to finish 'pursue' since the extra gloriana i ordered arrived today. need to get michele's in the mail to her too ...

happy happy me! tom's home tomorrow!!!!!

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