Tuesday, November 14, 2006


My honey is back in MA! The camping trip is done & all survived. ;-) Today's going to be a recoup day for him & he's going to try to see Ricky - tomorrow, up to Charlie's. He's not sure if he's staying for the wedding or not. I just keep reminding him he misses me! *lol*

Good stitching progress last night. Yea me! I'm lovin' this stitching mode I'm in!!

Shelleen called last night .... good conversation. She's such a sweetie!!

Go Buckeyes! Beat Michigan!!

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Michele & Nancy said...

glad he's all safe and sound .. and he'll be home soon :)

it's soo much fun talking to Shelleen :)

keep the stitching going :) you are definately on a roll!!!!