Wednesday, December 06, 2006

CBJ Won!

The guys did an awesome job last night!!! They shutout the Avalanche - a huge turnaround for CBJ & a huge win over Colorado. CBJ's never won at Colorado - until last night. The Av's had way more shots ... but ours were the ones that made it in! The game was just incredible ..!

More high school drama in Kel's life .... the sort that makes you wonder what some kids live with at home, that they come to school & behave as they do. Truly sad.

Stitched a bit last night on CC's ornament from JCS. I realized, after I'd put it all away for the night, that I have this handy dandy camera on my cell phone now. I think it'd be much easier to use to get pictures here of my stitching. Maybe tonight my brain will click in & I'll remember to try it! :o)

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