Friday, December 08, 2006

Country Cottage almost done

For whatever reason, this thing is taking me far longer than it should! *lol* At least now all I have left is the white of the sheep, the stars, the windows ... I want this finished by tomorrow night so Sunday, I can sit at the sewing machine & get finishes done. I can do this ... I can do this! :-)


Sally said...

The ornament is coming along nicely Nancy. I really wanted to stitch this before Christmas but it isn't going to happen. I really want to get some stuff finished rather than start something else! LOL!

nancy said...

That's what I keep saying too, Sally. Then I start another ornament ... ;-) Maybe all of these will just be for next year, so I can keep stitching ornaments through Christmas! *lol*

Pumpkin said...

It looks great Nancy! You're almost done :O)