Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dec 7

Ok, this Advent graphic doesn't come even close to memorializing Pearl Harbor ... but, it's the one I have. :-(

Some days, the drama & nonsense at work is pretty unbelievable - and this was one of those days. One particular coworker has been saying a lot of inappropriate things this week to clients, auditors, coworkers ... it's pretty sad & weird. Our newest employee is about to lose her mind from it all. Not good. And all of our annual year-end nonsense is picking up speed ... the guys are adding these numbers & talking about this & that & trying to figure out what we have money for & what we don't, how big their bonuses will be, how big ours won't be ;-) ... here, fill this out. What do you do with this for this client? Can we up our rates to compare with that? *sigh* Silly silly silly.

Tomorrow's the cookie exchange here. It's going to be such fun! But I still can't decide what my "generic" gift will be! *lol*

Ok ... off to stitch!

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