Thursday, December 14, 2006

It's the 14th!

Happy birthday to me! ;o) Yep, I'm weird.

The best gift was the morning hugs & kisses from Kel ... of course! She made me a birthday card - I'll share a picture later. And she got me "Miracle on 34th St" on DVD - yea!!!! Oh wait ... it's on my credit card! *lol* Mom got me 3 more Italian charms & a mushy card (her favorite kind) - and tonight I get to unwrap the sweater & turtleneck she bought me a couple of weeks ago. ;o) Tom was sound asleep when I left this morning ... I'll get snuggles from him tonight! We've been invited to a client/friend's open house this evening, so I hope he's up to going ... she always has great parties. And I just bought 2 tickets from one of my bosses for this Saturday's CBJ (hockey) game - YEA!!! They're having all sorts of pregame holiday stuff, then the players are signing autographs afterwards. Oh yeah ... I will stay for that! Let's see ... who all do I want to try to get? Jody, of course ... Manny? Ah! Anders aka Bubba. He's such a sweetie. Maybe Steady Freddy ... gotta get the Nasty Norwegian for Tom ... No, Tom will not stand there & wait for autographs .. but I will! :o)

And my niece called last night, confirming their arrival times tomorrow & all. Cannot wait!!! It's been at least 3 years, probably more like 5, since I've seen her ... and we get to meet her husband & Xander! Whoo hoo!!! Gonna be a busy weekend for us - Sat morning, Kel & I have hair appts, Sat afternoon Mike & Linda will be here, Sat night's game, Sun afternoon an open house at Tom's nephew's (finally finished!) house, then dinner with all of my family ... and I'm off Monday so I can spend time with my niece & all. Hmmm ... maybe I can squeeze some shopping in there, too? How can it already be Dec 14?!?!?!

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Leeny said...

hi nancy, glad to see you blogging again! found your new blog through the comment you left on mercy's blog. anyways, happy birthday to you, glad to "see" you again, love your latest finishes!

happy stitching,
eileen ;)