Friday, December 08, 2006

Mary Kathryn (aka Happy Stitcher) posted a picture recently of the fabrics she'd started organizing in one of her Longabergers. I really liked the idea, so last night, I gathered mine from their container in the basement - so, they're now in my Longaberger (lol) but in major need of re-folding & such. I considered doing it last night as a calming effort, but ... didn't. Instead, I stitched a bit which always feeds my spirit.

So, tonight, if I'm too tired or buzzed after our cookie exchange, maybe I'll play with these pieces of fabric. I'll post a picture when I have done the reorganizing ... there, holding myself accountable! *lol*


Shelleen said...

I love the idea of holding the fabirc in a basket. Mine is kind of wadded up in bags. I tried to fold but then I got busy. Hmm idea for winter break with the boys home.
Country Cottage is looking good.

nancy said...

Thank you, ma'am! Hmm ... I'd not thought of putting Kelli to work with the folding. *lol*

Renee said...

It looks beautiful already! Can't wait to see it all folded so pretty!!

Your Country Cottage is looking wonderful!!

How was the cookie exchange? :)