Wednesday, December 27, 2006

No one likes me? ;o)

Wow ... I knew I was posting 'pay it forward' at a possibly inopportune time but I thought someone would sign up by now! :o(

I'm back at work ... still haven't posted stitching pictures. Just been busy with the stuff of life. Have spent my lunchtime surfing others' blogs & discovered a cool one by a woman farmer in Montana. Very cool. I'll explore moe from her site later.

Tom's son & family will be here this afternoon ... madness & mayhem will prevail with 3 little kids in our house! It'll be great fun & a wild change from the usual.


Leeny said...

Oh Nancy, I would sign up, only that I know I have time management issues, so it's not fair to keep the 5 people who accept from me waiting. When I have me under control, I'll join in then! So it's definitely not a case of no one liking you :)

Anyways, good luck with the PIF project and have fun with the kids!

eileen :)

debbi said...

Geesh Nancy

I agree with Leeny. I just don't have the energy or interest to stitch these days. :-)