Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ok, what's the deal? Gabby Hayes here today ... ;o)

Kelli & I went to my client/friend's open house this evening, in German Village. For those unfamiliar with Columbus OH, we are a city settled in by many different nationalities, but one of the earliest & strongest were the Germans.

Add to that, that my own ancestry is predominantly German ... and you have this woman here who loves the German influence in her Christmas. My maternal grandmother always made sure we had plenty of anise cookies, Pfefferneuse, springerle .. all sorts of yummy cookies, mostly with some sort of German heritage attached.

Anyway ... there's been this small, family-owned & operated bakery in German Village that is open only during the Christmas holidays. I've wanted to stop there for years but they used to have very short daily hours, often closing by noon, when the cookie supply for the day ran out. This year, they're open until 6pm or 7pm! Whoo hoo! So, Tom being the nice guy he is, stopped there Tuesday & bought a box full of assorted cookies for us. As we decide which we like the most, we'll buy more. The silly things cost $14 a pound (!!!) but oh ... they are soooooo good! Tonight, I've been searching (quickly) online for pictures of the cookies so I'd know what I was talking about when I ask him to go buy more or when I stop there. Haven't been very successful, but ... that's not stopped me from eating a few of what we have left here! :o)

Gotta love Christmas cookies!!


Sally said...

Those cookies sound so yummy Nancy! Got any spare? LOL!

Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

Leeny said...

those cookies sound YUM! *salivating in Australia* LOL. btw, do you know if debbi is still blogging? haven't seen her online for ages, hope all is well with her...


Walker Evans said...

Yay for German Village! ;)