Monday, December 04, 2006


Just what I don't need ... something else I "have" to have! *lol* I just ordered a Quaker stocking from Elegant Stitch ... and just discovered this Sampler Girl one at Mary Kathryn's OLS. I know I'll eventually break down & buy this but first, I'm going to go through my stash after Christmas, clean out what I won't do, sell it on eBay or some such thing. May do the same with some of my Longaberger's. We'll see.. Right now, I'm in the mood to minimize - wouldn't have anything to do with Tom moving more of his stuff in, finally, would it? ;o) Before long, we're going to have to start hanging things from the ceilings. Two anal stashaholics (ok, he doesn't collect stitching stash, but books ...) living together ... what an adventure! :o)

Finished stitching an ornament over the weekend, but haven't taken a picture yet. My frames from Lori arrived - yea! I may have Michael's cut the foamboards though, as a couple are a bit larger. I need to get to finishing things - ornaments, things to be framed ... one frame has to be painted - the "Love You Forever" I've done for Kelli. And I need to figure out what to stitch for Chelsea - I want to give her an ornament or something for Christmas. She's such a sweetie! I started a scarf/shawl for Ethan - he decided he likes Tom's & now wants one for himself. That works! ;o)

Three weeks from today is Christmas ... I am not going to spaz about a countdown. All that I want to do, will get done. Kel & I got all of the decorations & such out of the crawlspace on Saturday, so slowly but surely, our house will morph ... HoHoHo!

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Pumpkin said...

Lovely pattern Nancy! No wonder you want to buy it ;o)