Tuesday, December 05, 2006

uh oh

I've found the prettiest French blinkie website ... I'm in big trouble! ;o) I've joined her site ... not sure yet what that really means or gets me, but ... cute stuff! http://completementblinkies.com/ I'm going to have to figure out how to use Babelfish to translate it all but I can do that ... sometime. Anyway ... It's another fine day here in chilly Ohio. The cold temps of winter are here but no real snow, yet. Flurries yesterday, but ... no accumulation yet. It'll come.

Did a bit of shopping last night - got a cool pair of shoes, a couple of pairs of pants, a sweater - love those sales! Kel did a Hot Topic run for a friend's gifts. Oh, and we got the pink sweater Mom & Kelli insisted I get so we'll all be wearing pink on Christmas day. We've even ordered the Victoria Secret's raspberry Santa hats. This is gonna be good! :o) By the time I took Kelli to her dad's & got Mom & I home, I was pretty much done for the night. Knitted a few rows on Ethan's shawl/scarf but that was it. And I did email my west coast friend (bwc=best west coast) ... not sure if things are getting straightened out or finishing off. Pretty strange, sad experience ...

*deep breath*

Ok, I've lots of work to do here so I'd best be to it!

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