Friday, December 29, 2006

wee wee whiner

Boy, does that post about my PIF sound whiney! *lol* My offer will stay open ... if anyone should like to sign up, please leave me a comment & we'll proceed from there. In the meantime, maybe I'll get ambitious enough to just choose people of my own to share a RAK with. ;o) Will it be you?

We took the kids to the zoo last night to see the Wildlights & what animals we could. We got there while it was still daylight so we were able to see the flamingos outside but we saw few other 'outside' animals. The kids liked the reptiles - I liked the aquarium. ;o)

I think today's to be a somewhat quiet day - get the house in order a bit for tomorrow. We're getting pizza from a couple of the south end pizza joints to give Josh & Meg a taste of what they're missing. *lol* They're talking seriously about moving here ... how cool will that be, to have them & theirs here as well as Andrea, Joe & Xander???

I got a little bit of stitching in yesterday afternoon ... I may actually finish Quilt Time Sampler! And maybe my silks will arrive today so I can have "Two Blue Houses" all kitted & ready for Monday. I *should* work on the boosters books & such once the house quiets down Sunday evening, but ... nope. Monday's going to be for ME. I figure Tom will alternate sleeping with football watching all day Monday, so I'll just stitch away. :o)


Sally said...

Hey Nancy how are things with you? Just catching up a little after all the festivities. I have post Christmas blues and right now it feels as though they'll never go away! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

debbi said...

Happy holidays my friend.