Wednesday, December 13, 2006

will it get done?

This little guy is soooo cute & I am going to get him done as a friend's present for Christmas ... but, man, is every one of those over-one stitches taking forever!  *lol*

I've spent tonight finishing most of our Christmas cards so they'll go in the mail tomorrow.  I've got to buy another box - and here I thought I'd have leftovers!  Oh well ...

Kel's holiday concert last night was wonderful!  The different bands did so good-it was cool to see Kelli in the symphonic band.  How far she's come since the summer before her freshman year!  And I loved seeing all of the kids - didn't realize how much I've missed them!


1 comment:

Sally said...

Happy Birthday Nancy!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

He's a cute little fella to stitch Nancy but you're right those one over one stitches take ages! LOL!