Monday, July 31, 2006

And another ...

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This picture doesn't really do the piece justice ... This is "Four Seasons of Joy" from Bent Creek - it's the pattern we received from A Stitcher's Retreat. If you can see it, the "j o y" are stitched in darker colors & with different stitches than the rest of the alphabet. Elizabeth (of BC) wanted the word to stand out, to remind us to celebrate the joy in every day. I can't decide if I'm going to try to frame this myself or pay to have it done. Again - decisions, decisions ...

One finish

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Thank you, Michele, for getting this book for me!! I love how this worked up - using Thread Gatherers' silk floss was so nice. Very yummy! I may try making this into a pinkeep so I can set it wherever, instead of framing/hanging it. Or, finishing it as a pillow with tassels on each corner, like Mary Kathryn's one Halloween pillow. Decisions, decisions!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

the boys

the boys & their toys, 4th of July. aren't they cute???


This is a Heart in Hand kit I bought at the Retreat in New Harmony - finished it & framed it Friday night. I do indeed like it!

I didn't do anywhere near the stitching at band camp that I thought I would. I had the time but it was WAY too hot & humid! Touching anything was gross & I had no desire to mess up my stitching pieces with the yuck of me.

I'm now working on "America" by Blackbird Designs & I'm liking it. I hope to get a lot done today, though I do have ironing I've got to get done.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


i have this beautiful daughter who, right now, i'm treating like shit. i'm hurt, my heart hurts ... and i need to stop doing this to myself & to her. she's at her dad's & being the little 'daddy's girl'. i'm being a jealous idiot. i want her to choose ME, i want her to want to be with ME ... dumbdumbdumb. i want to be a little kid, stomp my feet, have a temper tantrum, cry my eyes out ... none of which will accomplish anything. why am i so possessive? why am i so jealous? dumb. dumbdumbdumb. last night at band she came running up to me 'cause she wanted $ for something to drink. she helped me scratch my nose (my arms were full of uniforms) but did she give me a kiss or anything? nope. so today, i'm being the immature hurt jealous fool. dumb.
i have to work at letting this go. i have to let her have her time with her dad without getting stupid about it. guess it was easier when she'd go with him & get mad because of his relationship with m. i could harbor a hope that she'd get mad enough to not want to be there. again, dumb. hmm... maybe this self-analysis is working ... since some of this i've not been willing/ready to admit even to myself. it's hard to watch her walk out the door to his home but i have to learn to accept this stuff. she's 16 and going to his house is only the beginning of the places she'll go to & not with me. *sigh* why do they have to grow up???
ok, it's helped to let some of this out. going to have to analyze my reactions & all a bit more, later. too much work too do right now.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

almost done

have spent a few hours today, stitching on 'four seasons of joy'. it's almost done so i won't post a picture until it is done. i really like this piece ... thank you to elizabeth & marsha for designing such a joyous piece!

started "smile" yesterday as we drove to marietta. it came with a frame, so i'll frame it ... but then want to stitch something i can make into a pinkeep. i've been so inspired lately by stitchers who do unique, creative finishes as well as those who follow long-ago traditions in finishing. this is one area the internet has been good - allowing us to see what others accomplish, in stitching or anything else. i started to order pins this evening from joann online but that's a bit silly when i can stop by one of the stores & get what i want. oh, but wait - at $3/gallon for gas, is it silly to order online? a thought to consider....

Friday, July 07, 2006

Celtic band sampler

This baby was a UFO for over 3 years! I've never done that - and don't plan to again ...

I love this sampler & finishing it reminded me how much I love samplers of most any sort...


I so love this piece! It stitched up quickly and fits well with most everything I'm stitching & buying lately. The frame's from Lori (oh, what's her company's new name??) - the fabric & floss are different from Hinzeit's model. Didn't use their charms ... they didn't do a darn thing for me, so I added a few small buttons & am very pleased with it.

a beginning ...

michele & i share a blog that's "just for us" ... :-) and as i've sat here & read other's blogs, primarily about their stitching, i've decided to start one for myself again. sheesh ... like i don't have enough things tugging at my time. ;-) but, my hope is, if i want to show off my stitching, where better to do so?

so ... let the games begin!