Wednesday, November 29, 2006

i'm melting!!!

i need a little graphic of the wicked witch to put here ... ;-)

i am indeed melting as i sit at my desk & try to work. it is 70 outside & 80 in here!! we're all complaining ... but nothing's changing!!

the search is on!

when michele & i went to the stitcher's retreat back in may, a couple of women had these wonderful felt stitching "rolls" for storing their needles, scissors, etc. they weren't big, couldn't carry your pattern or whatever - and the rolling was like a jewelry roll. they were made out of felt & had been finished like a penny rug - blanket stitches. i cannot find a pattern or anything, though i know they exist. and i'm remembering this because shepherd's bush's latest newsletter (i received mine yesterday - yea!) mentions the ones designed by blackbird. i haven't spend eons purusing blackbird's website, but i didn't see anything jump out at me there - nor on s bush's site. if you know of a site where i may see one, may buy one, may something with these rolls, please let me know. please!!!

Wow ... what strange weather we're having! It's 60 degrees at 8am! Usually, this foretells a good storm coming and from what's been out west, yep, I bet it's coming ...

Didn't stitch at all last night, though I did knit a few rows. I caught up the boosters' bookkeeping, which took longer than I anticipated & I was so braindead when I finished .. I had 7 letters to prepare for returned checks. We all make mistakes at one time or another - those folks, I feel bad for. But I had a student with a new checking account who was following her mother's wonderful example - they both bounced checks! Another family routinely bounces them, so they don't get to write checks to us anymore. *sigh*

Going to work tonight on invitations for our Dec 8 booster silent auction meeting/cookie exchange. Should be fun! It'll be nice to be with everyone in a social environment, not worrying about uniforms or who's paid for what. :-)

Kel's first "real" date is this Friday ... I'll spend the whole evening fretting! *lol*

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday already?!?!

 ok, i won't complain ... much *lol* ... though this has been a quick long weekend!  i suspect most people feel the same way, though.

we had a nice relaxing fun time at m&l's.  both of her sons & their families were there at one time or another - very nice to get to know them.  william, l's grandson, is a such a sweet little boy!  we had great fun with him.

came home saturday, watched hockey ...
CBJ WON! ... vegged.  still haven't really done a lot today, though we did get the names all drawn for the family exchange.  i just can't get into the holiday decorating mood - it's too warm & too green here still.  farmers are still clearing their fields - normally very unheard of in november.  weird, weird, weird.  we'll start next weekend, though tom will hopefully put up the outside lights the early part of this week as we're to get hit with more winterlike weather at the end of the week.

*yawn*  back to work tomorrow ... lots to do!

Joint effort

Michele & I have each stitched this ... me, in blue ... her, in red.  Can't wait to see hers completed!  We both used far more floss than anticipated, though the Gloriana's were well worth it.  Yummy silks!!



I've gotten a few done, but am going to continue making them - then take a weekend day or a couple of nights to finish them however ...


LHN/Elegant Stitch

This is the charity piece LHN, ES & Crescent Colours combined to create ... now, to remember to order a frame!  :-)


Friday, November 17, 2006

well, if i can figure out ...

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what the deal is with the word wrap .... when others look at it, do they see the seemingly never-ending line of words as i do?

i'm playing technogeek right now. have the laptop AND the desktop going. whoo hoo! *lol* i'm transferring stuff off of the laptop onto a jump drive, then i'm going to try printing a quickbooks report from the laptop. keep the fingers crossed!

i really like the french manicure i got. i have the 'natural' one, the one that's not so bright white. and now i'm wondering if i could do it myself. just takes a very steady hand ... i usually do my own manicures as well, when i do them - this was just a treat to myself on a dreary day.

been watching the jackets in their hockey game tonight. they are not doing well, at all. the crowd was booing as they left for the 2nd period break. :-(

tomorrow's the buckeyes WINNING against michigan AND my honey will be HOME. yep, he called tonight, said he was leaving up there around 8pm. yea!!!!!!!

i finished 'sampler noel' today & mom stitched it with a backing for me. now to figure out how i want to totally finish it. and i've got my next ornament - a tree - going, again over-one. who needs eyesight??? when i complete this one, i'm going back to finish 'pursue' since the extra gloriana i ordered arrived today. need to get michele's in the mail to her too ...

happy happy me! tom's home tomorrow!!!!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pretty nails

I should take a picture of them... *lol*  I stopped for a manicure after work today - got a French manicure.  Ooo, lala!

This may be my last night here 'alone' (doesn't Mom being downstairs negate me really being alone here?) I'm going to straighten things up a bit, then sit & stitch away.  Want my weekend as free of "work" as can be since Tom will be coming home!  YEA!!!

So maybe later, I'll post a picture of my stitching progress ... 

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


My honey is back in MA! The camping trip is done & all survived. ;-) Today's going to be a recoup day for him & he's going to try to see Ricky - tomorrow, up to Charlie's. He's not sure if he's staying for the wedding or not. I just keep reminding him he misses me! *lol*

Good stitching progress last night. Yea me! I'm lovin' this stitching mode I'm in!!

Shelleen called last night .... good conversation. She's such a sweetie!!

Go Buckeyes! Beat Michigan!!

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Monday, November 13, 2006

and the one in progress

Fancy Work's "Sampler Noel" ... it's a combination of over-one & regular x stitch ... pretty cool! :-)


I spent large parts of my weekend, stitching ornaments:

JBW's Reindeer Tree
Cherished Stitches' Emblem of Friendship (without the outer border)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election day is DONE!

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I am always grateful to be living in the USA ... but I truly hate election day & all that leads up to it. This year has been especially bad, as our client who was up for re-election was in a very tight race so lots of money came through here as well as way too much discussion of politics. But, it's done ... now we just deal with normal every day work stuff. Phew!

About 1/2 hour after I got to the office today, half of our power blew! Some of us had computers & desk lights still working, some had nothing. Sorta strange ... *lol* So what does my clueless coworker (ok, one of my clueless coworkers) say? "I can't use M's computer - I don't have her log-in info". Can we all shout "duh!"? Your log-in travels with you ... and how long has dingbat been working here??? *sigh* This same person didn't "know" that our accounting software imports from QuickBooks, Peachtree, etc ... oh, yeah, that would mean she'd have to read something besides emails from her adult children. ;-)

Tom made is safely to MA yesterday. Yea!! Guess one of the van's tires blew, though ... and he traveled the whole way in rain. Yuck! But, he's there, so now he gets to help get all ready for their departure tomorrow. And, if he stays as long as he's thinking he will, I'll be spending a day in Cincinnati with Char & Teresa, stitching. Very cool!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

need to get...

...some pictures of my finished pieces on here! after today, life should settle (sort of) for a week or so, while tom's on his camping trip.

the band got a superior rating friday night. awesome!! it was a weird evening - 1 of our percussionists fell at school, had a concussion, played anyway. a colorguard girl fell at competition as they walked to their warmup spot, ended up at the hospital. and it was waywayway too cold! spit valves were freezing shut, chimes were clanking, the astroturf was frost-covered - but the kids persevered & were wonderful!!

tom, kel & i headed out of town for the rest of the weekend. relaxed, vegged in the country. *sigh* was very nice. i got a lot of stitching done - finished the stitched part of the wreath from mbeach. hopefully, the silks will come today for 'pursue' so i can finish that up early this week - 'cause my plan is to stitch nothing but christmas gifts while tom's away. (gotta love goals ... will i make it? *lol*)

will be a short work week. we're getting a new server at the end of the week, so ... no server, no work. whoo hoo!

Friday, November 03, 2006


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Good Morning! This is God! I will be handling all your problems today. I will not need your help...
So, have a good day! And don't worry or fret about a thing. I can handle anything....
nothings too hard for me.
~Author Unknown~

This is a day I need to focus on this ... I need to let Her take all of this over 'cause I just can't handle it. Last night, T had one of his major rants - no, tantrums! - about K being in my mom's room with her. I'm tired of him thinking we're in a dictatorship, I'm tired of him interpreting everything as being directed at him, I'm tired of K disregarding whatever's set for her ... I'm tired of it all. I wrote K a letter yesterday, expressing my concerns & disappointments & encouragements as I just don't want to talk about it anymore. It seems nothing changes her behavior, so why keep hitting my head against the proverbial brick wall? She's such a good kid but just can't or won't step up & work hard enough to accomplish even a little bit more. And Sunday she'll go to her dad's & catch up on tv shows he's taped for her, though he knows she's not to be watching tv. In T's perfect world, she'd not watch the shows ... I'm tired of feeling as though everything she does or I do is a disappointment to someone, particularly T.

My cousin's wife is worse. Blood clots, high temps ... and he's to start radiation himself soon. How wrong this all seems, how trivial it makes the stuff in my little world. I want to be able to take some of the burden from him, I want to help but no of no way except to be around for him, when he needs a shoulder.


It's Friday. Short work day. Last day of band-sitting. State contest tonight & my heart's not in it ... but, I'll go, I'll play my part, then I'll go home & retreat in sleep ...

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Here it is, only the 2nd of the month, and so much's happening ... *sigh* No wonder I'm asleep so quickly at night.

November ... my parents' wedding anniversary is the 4th. This would be 51 years, I think. :-( Boy, do I miss my dad sometimes. Veteran's day ... Tom's "big" day & annual 'he-man' camping trip in NH. Will be our nephew's wedding in 2 weeks. The end of marching band season - definitely a good/bad thing. The beginning of "oh, my gosh, Christmas is in HOW many days????". This Friday's the end of the 1st grading period for Kel. Damn. I know her grades haven't majorly improved from the interims - I doubt her math's come up at all. I'm sick & tired of the grounding. It sure doesn't seem to be working, so ... what shall we do instead?

Enough. I'll get a good pity party started here if I keep this up. *lol*

Hope the silk floss I ordered arrives today so I can work at finishing "Pursue". Time to be on to something else....

Veteran's Day (early)

"The Things They Carried"

Americans enjoy remarkable freedoms including the freedom to worship. We have recently been reminded that those freedoms can be challenged and sometimes must be defended. This Veteran's Day take time to "count the cost of freedom" and perhaps express gratitude to God and those you know have "carried" us.

The things they carried . . . .

They carried P-38 can openers and heat tabs, watches and dog tags, insect repellent, gum, cigarettes, Zippo lighters, salt tablets, compress bandages, ponchos, Kool-Aid, two or three canteens of water, iodine tablets, sterno, LRRP- rations, and C-rations stuffed in socks.

They carried standard fatigues, jungle boots, bush hats, flak jackets and steel pots (helmets). They carried the M-16 assault rifle. M-1 for us older Dudes.

They carried trip flares and Claymore mines, M-60 machine guns, the M- 70 grenade launcher, M-14's, (M1's), CAR-15's, Stoners, Swedish K's, 66mm Laws, shotguns, .45 caliber pistols, silencers, the sound of bullets, rockets, and choppers, and sometimes the sound of silence. The B.A.R. for us older dudes.

They carried C-4 plastic explosives, an assortment of hand grenades, PRC-25 radios, knives and machetes. Some carried napalm, CBU's and large bombs; some risked their lives to rescue others. Some escaped the fear, but dealt with the death and damage. Some made very hard decisions, and some just tried to survive.

They carried malaria, dysentery, ringworms and leaches. They carried the land itself as it hardened on their boots.

They carried stationery, pencils, and pictures of their loved ones - real and imagined.

They carried love for people in the real world and love for one another. And sometimes they disguised that love: "Don't mean nothin'!"

They carried memories for the most part, they carried themselves with poise and a kind of dignity. Now and then, there were times when panic set in, and people squealed or wanted to, but couldn't; when they itched and made moaning sounds and covered their heads and said "Dear God" and hugged the earth and fired their weapons blindly and cringed and begged for the noise to stop and went wild and made stupid promises to themselves and God and their parents, hoping not to die.

They carried the traditions of the United States military, and memories and images of those who served before them.

They carried grief, terror, longing and their reputations.

They carried the soldier's greatest fear . . . the embarrassment of dishonor.

They crawled into tunnels, walked point, and advanced under fire, so as not to die of embarrassment.

They were afraid of dying, but too afraid to show it.

They carried the emotional baggage of men and women who might die at any moment.

They carried the weight of the world.


Remember them this Remembrance Day, November 11.

PRAYER: Almighty God, thank You for the veterans who answered the call and paid the price to guarantee our freedom of worship. Help us to remember and never forget their sacrifice nor the eternal sacrifice made by your Son Jesus Christ. Amen.

--from "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien. Selected from "God at Work," a ministry of St Mark's United Methodist Church, 8550 Pioneers Blvd., Lincoln Nebraska 68520 U.S.A. .