Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's OVER!

Wow ... another January GONE. Survived. DONE. I've not counted how many W2's or 941's or 1099's I've prepared since January 1 ... I'm not sure I want to know. I've still got 1099's to finish for a few clients but for the most part ... they're done. Now to make new files for 2007, get all of my other work caught up. The Ohio CAT returns are due Feb 9 - some are ready to go, some still need calculations done ... but, that's all easy, compared to the last 30 days. I worked 250 hours ... yuck.

I have gotten some stitching done through the month ... I'm proud of that 'cause I really thought my brainmush-ness wouldn't let that happen. *lol* I started my LaDDa piece while with Char & Teresa but had to frog most of what I did then. Guess I was too buy talking, laughing & oohing & aahing over everyone else's stitching to be paying much attention to my own work! ;o) No biggie indeed.

So now to Quaker Samplings I. It's about 160 x 150 stitches - over 2 threads with 1 strand of floss. This is going to be interesting.

Happy February!!

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~Kim~ said...

Happy Febuary!!