Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Stitching progress

Done at last!!

This is LHN's "Two Blue Houses" tweaked quite a bit. I used Vikki Clayton silks, so the blues reflect my taste more than Diane's (LHN). I dropped her wording & bottom vine, added our hometown & the year we built our home. I'm pleased with it ... and glad it's done. *lol* Sometime this year, I'll do "Two Red Houses" as well ... then probably "Two White Houses" when LHN releases it.

And one of my two WIP's ... I started this LaDDa this past weekend at the stitch-in at Hueston Woods. It's the doxology - such a huge piece of my faith! For whatever weird reason, I thought I had enough WDW Pecan for it (all the wording) - boy, was I wrong! Oh well ... I'll finish this after I finish "Quilt Time Sampler" which just might be tomorrow evening. I'm tweaking that chart too ... just can't leave well enough alone, I guess! *lol*

Finish QTS, then this piece ... then *deep breath* I think I'm going to start one of my Quaker pieces. The monochromatic really appeals to me right now, with tax season's insanity. Just feels like what I'm to do, ya know?

To my wonderful Cincy friends - THANK YOU for asking me along to last weekend's stitch-in. I had a great time! Meeting your friends, seeing everyone's stitching (and drooling over it all! *lol*), having a bit of time away from the rat race of home & work - the laughter - oh, man, the laughter!! I don't think I'll ever look at a c-clamp again with a straight face! :o) Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And to my online group friends ... I so miss you but I've had to change to 'digest' form for awhile. Work's just way too insane ... lots of nonsense there that seems to have tension or something building every day. It's "safest" for me right now to tunnel in & slam through my work. I think of you all, hope all's well & pray you'll let me know if there's anything I need to know. ;-)


~Kim~ said...

OH WOW! I love how your TBH turned out! Great choice on changing the lettering to your choice.. GREAT one at that!

Love the Praise God piece you are working on! You will beat me with QTS... I just kinda umm made it a temporary UFO for awhile..;)

As you tackle the busy season of your work, will be thinking of you!


Sally said...

Beautiful finish Nancy. Love the colours you have used.

The Praise God piece looks gorgeous. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this.

Hope you'll be back with us soon when work settles dow. Yhniking of you.