Sunday, February 25, 2007


i joined a blog that is a monthly ornament sal .. and guess what? i stitched an ornament this month!  *lol*  it's brightneedle's "love in a manger" stitched over-one.  i need to add petite beads for snow around the tree, but i have to buy them before i can add them.  ;-)
the 2 clothespins that are with this are antiques (obviously) ..  i have a little glass with about 15 or so of these, left from my grandmother's house.  i've still got her clothespin "dress" with her wooden clothespins too.  yep, i'm a packrat of my family's things ... ;-)
somewhat quiet weekend here, after the booster officer breakfast yesterday, then kel & i getting the rest of her needs for next weekend's dance.  i brought work home that never even left my car.  *lol*  i've stitched, cleaned a bit .. just ... been here at home.  haven't slept well for a few days - not sure what all's up with that, though i do know some of it's origin.
anyway ... another crazy week ahead of us.  hope the weird weather stays away!


Sandy said...

Your ornie is very pretty. I love those clothespins. I've never seen anything like that before. TFS.

Pumpkin said...

Good for you Nancy! What a lovely simple project :o)

Those closepins are to die for! Very nice :o)

~Kim~ said...

Love your finish!


Karin said...

Lovely finish! Your clothespins are wonderful - I love the little heads on the top.

Leeny said...

Love those clothespins, they are so unique! I say keep with the packrat thing!

eileen :)