Sunday, February 11, 2007

a bit more

I've gotten a bit more done on QSI. My eyes have been so tired & dry by the time I sit down to stitch in the evenings, I've not gotten as much done as I'd hoped, but ... it's coming along. Today, I'm going to get out the fabric for Gameboard Sampler, see if I'm really up to starting it, then actually do so - and I think I'm going to start a rotation schedule. I've always stitched one thing at a time, start to finish, but I FINALLY received the 'badges' for my Bent Creek "Tree of Me" so I want to finish that (HALLELUJAH!), and I want to start on my Maureen Stapleton piece, and I'm going to join the ornament a month blog so it must be time to try rotating. Can I multitask my stitching? *lol*

I'd really hoped to stay in all day today but I may need to run to Kohl's to get Nate a V Day gift so we can get their box in the mail tomorrow (we are so last minute with too many things! *lol*). At least the sun's trying to shine. The weather gurus are predicting 1-2" of snow for us tomorrow, followed Tuesday by that infamous "wintry mix" - yuck!!! Yep, I'll be toting work back & forth every day in case I need/want to stay here & work from home rather than spend all of my time trying to get back & forth to the office. I'm trying not to complain - this could be those poor towns in NY with 100+ inches of snow!


KarenV said...

You're making great progress Nancy - it's so pretty! Hope the weather isn't too bad - I thought our couple of inches of "white stuff" was bad enough, but then I read about New York State - ack!!

Nicole said...

It's so pretty Nancy! I hope you don't mind... I went out and the got the color you are using - I may just have to copy you! :) It's just beautiful!

~Kim~ said...

Great progress! Love that design. Best of luck on the rotation stitching. :)


Pumpkin said...

I am SO in love with this sampler Nancy! You are progressing very nicely :o)