Wednesday, February 07, 2007


and one of the worst things about the weather we've had the last few days?

well, one is my drive home yesterday. took me 2.25 hours (normally takes about .5). i don't know that my clutch leg will ever be the same! *lol* but i got home safe & sound, so ... no loud complaining.

but ... about 13,500 people trekked to nationwide arena last night to watch the bluejackets play hockey. they SHOULD have won. they lost. soundly. 3-0. badbadBAD. if anyone had a 'right' to play a bit poorly, it would have been phoenix. they were in columbus well in time for the game but it took them over 2 hours to get to the arena from their hotel (like me, should have taken maybe 1/2 hour). the game started 30 minutes late to give phoenix time to get in, dressed, etc. cbj should have been raring to go ... but, noooooooo ... they played very well for about 8 minutes, then ... poop. gone. no energy, no cohesiveness, no whatever. i felt so bad for the fans & for the coach - oh, was hitch angry and rightfully so. guess the lines will be changing again, before tomorrow's game. maybe it's time to sit some out again, try somehow to get through ... i love my cbj but man, it's way past time to play the way they can!

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