Thursday, February 22, 2007

Techno deprived!

Oh, man ... I left my cell phone on the charger at home, then found out after I got to the office that my Palm won't come on. I feel so bereft! ;-) Oh, well, I've got my iPod Shuffle so at least I have music! And because I have no cell phone, I have no pictures to share ... now, aren't you as tech lonely as me? *lol*


~Kim~ said...

WOW.. what a blah day huh!?!

Gosh I dont even own a cell, a Palm or iPod. Get with it here.. LOL


nancy said...

*lol* Kim, I've had my cell phone for a number of years now - it's my security blanket as I drive from one side of our city to the other every day. The Palm was a concession to getting-fatter-by-the-day organizer I carried everywhere (what will it be like when there are no more school commitments for me & Kelli???). The iPod was a gift from Tom, so I'll have music when I walk & so I'd not try to kidnap the iPod Nano he got Kelli for Christmas! *lol* One day, I'll have peace & quiet & live in the country & the techno stuff won't be nearly as much a part of my life. Enjoy your peace!