Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Thank you, Bent Creek!

Wow .. that is truly not the best picture I've ever taken, but it'll do for now.

Bent Creek FINALLY came through from last May's Stitcher's Retreat! YEA!!! I received Marsha's sheet of 'badges' for this pattern, Tree About Me. She didn't send us nearly all she said she was doing, but that's ok. (What can I do about it anyway? *lol*) I'm now finishing this piece before anything else. BC also sent the snowman chart from The Red Thread as well as the border for the entire collection. I'm not going to be stitching any of it though I do like their words around the border. I've got someone I'm gifting the chart to, so it won't sit in my house & gather dust. ;o)

Since tomorrow's Valentine's Day & I know I won't be going to the office, I am going to take time during the day to stitch - and it'll be on my Quaker Samplings. How color-coordinated for the day can I be??? *lol*

Yep, no office tomorrow. We're covered in ice now - everywhere - and we're still to get more snow tonight. Too much fun for me!

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