Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I have friends who are incredible stitchers but T takes the cake with her speed. (Of course, she's also a "lady of leisure" as she likes to say, now that her place of employment moved away & she was forced to retire - but I don't hear her complaining! *lol*) Anyway ... O Holy Night was begun in January. I saw it in progress at the stitch-in we attended then - and here it is, completed AND framed! Isn't it gorgeous?!?! My photo doesn't do it justice - but I just love to brag on my friends so I had to share! :o)

This astounding piece is a companion to another horse T stitched. This one's getting the vote for the prettier of the two - the colors jump. This one's waiting for its recipient to help pick out a frame - can't wait to see it once it is!

I don't know what happened to the picture I took of C's sampler ... I've got to get a picture of it, too, so I may brag on her! :o)

Here's hoping I get at least one thing finished this week so I may brag on myself! *lol* The bulb in my OttLite fell out Sunday evening & shattered so my stitching's slower since I'm having to use my little clip-on light. :-( I need more hours in my days so I may do all the errand running I need to do - so I may pick up my replacement bulb. ;o)


Pumpkin said...

AWESOME pieces! I've always admired O Holy Night and this picture did not disappoint :o)

The horse is incredible as well. I don't even want to know how detailed that chart was ;o)

Ruth said...

No way, Nancy, this is you?? lol I've been watchign your progress on the Quaker Sampler for a while. lol Small world.

all your stitching is lovey and you can keep that snow!

Sally said...

Wow what fantastic pieces. I love O Holy Night especially.
Your friend is very talented Nancy.