Monday, March 26, 2007

Wonderful weekend!

I'll have to take pictures of the sampler I started Friday ... but until then ... I had a great time in IN with my stitching friends! Four of us met in Cincy Thursday evening - hung out, gabbed, stitched a bit, ate (of course! *lol*). Went to Keepsakes on Friday - what a great shop! Barbara's such a nice woman anyway, but I'm in love with her shop. There's stash everywhere - beautiful fabrics, fun finishes ... I left 2 of my pieces for her to frame & I can't wait to have them in my hands. The frame for QSI is awesome ... I bought a few things while at the shop - mostly fabric & fibers - and will do more damage in the future, I'm sure. ;-) We traveled on to IN that afternoon - beat the stitch-in organizer there! It was a nice, quiet (except for one constantly-blabbering stitcher) weekend. I got lots of stitching done, met some wonderfully fun women - and hated to come back to work, of course. Told my friends we may have to have the next stitch-in at my house 'cause at least I have comfy chairs! *lol*

Don't know when my next stitching journey will be. I was to go to A Stitcher's Retreat this coming weekend but that didn't work out ... had to forfeit my deposit but I do get the round robin kits anyway, so it's not totally money gone. It works out anyway as our cousins will be in town this weekend for their grandchild's birth, so we'll get to have some time with them. Maybe I can get the women to travel to Columbus when my pieces are framed ... they can be the couriers. ;o)

I totally lost track of time & haven't yet stitched an ornament for the blog/SAL I'm in. Sheesh! I've got to finish the birth announcement I'm stitching, so maybe I can get an ornament stitched before the end of March. That'll still count, I'm sure. *lol* Oh - and I watched & talked with a woman at the retreat who was knitting socks with these skinny needles (#2) - maybe I can be adventurous after all & try knitting a Quaker pinball. I sooooo want to try - just not sure how sane it'd be! *lol*

I know! One of my friends picked up her "O Holy Night" piece when we were at Keepsakes ... if my camera picture of it is clear, I'll post it here later. It's stunning!!!


Sally said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic time Michele!

Sally said...

Oh, Nancy, I am so sorry. I feel such an idiot! That's twice I've done that as I called Cathy Michele too! Lol! I am not having a good time of it right now am I?!!!

Pumpkin said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend Nancy :o) I'm giving up my stitching retreat next month to go on a short shopping trip with the girls. That will more than make up for missing it :o)