Saturday, April 07, 2007

Jane Austen

When I saw Mary Kathryn working on this piece, I knew I had to do it. I love Jane & this particular phrase of hers is very apropos to my household. ;o) When I had the floss in my hands, I first though "ewwww! what strange colors for a sampler!" but I really like how they work together. I'm about half done ... maybe, maybe I'll get it done this weekend. (HA!) I'm going to do try the Nun stitch for the finish ... everyone keep their fingers crossed for me, please! :o)

We had enough snow yesterday that there is still some on the ground ... YUCK! Glad I'm not going on any Easter egg hunts this weekend! *lol*

Yesterday was my DD's 17th birthday .. how did she get here so fast??? We're not really celebrating until next weekend, when she's back with us - though she is going to the hockey game with us tonight (Fan Finale - yea!). Her grade card arrived yesterday & I debated opening it on her birthday - didn't seem quite fair, you know? But I did, with the thought that if there was anything on there I didn't like, I'd save my "!@&#&^" for today *lol* but that wasn't a concern! She's working much harder in chemistry & math - grasping what they're doing better - and has brought all of her grades up. Yea!!!


Pumpkin said...

That's lovely Nancy! What pattern is that? The color are different but you're right, they do go together :o)

Sally said...

I love your Jane Austin WIP. I want to stitch this myself one day.

Meari said...

It looks great so far, Nancy.

Susan said...

I love it Nancy!!! Who is the designer? I would LOVE to stitch it myself! It's been a long time since I've seen a design like this that has really hit my fancy like this one has! I want to stitch it in the WORST way!!!!