Sunday, April 29, 2007

updating, some

I think I've a better picture of this on my camera, but I need to charge batteries to be able to download ... so, for now, this will work. This picture doesn't begin to do the finishing justice but I have to share how pleased I am with it. If anyone ever needs framing done, for anything, Keepsakes is awesome!

I am soooo pleased with this! Keepsakes in Cincinnati did a great job with framing this - though the photo for some reason makes it look like the frames bowed. *lol*

Here's my beautiful DD & an incoming freshman who's working with her in the pit ... they've become great friends, as I have with the girl's mom.

Our silent auction was successful ... not as much as I'd thought it would be, but money's money ... ya take what ya get! *lol* Our director seems to still think we can have a 'classy' event & have attendees & make money ... oookkkkkkk .... Oh well, I'm planning to be a sideliner with it, if it's held again next year, so I'll make my notes & pass them on.


Sally said...

Oh wow the framing on those two pieces is awesome!

Pumpkin said...

Beautiful pieces Nancy!

Sandy said...

Love the two framings, they look great. Your DD is so adorable. TFS

~Kim~ said...

Love those framed works of art! Congrats!