Friday, May 11, 2007


There's been a part of my brain, preoccupied with a discontent this week ... and as I've periodically wondered about it, I've come across at least a part of it ..

This stack of file boxes greets us as we enter our offices, those of us who occupy my side of our offices. There are more ... behind these stacks, enough to fill that office cubicle. Inquiring minds want to know why they've not been taken to our storage facility .. but, hey, the 'powers' here don't work on our side, so ... what the heck, right?

This lovely pile of trash is what you see/climb over to get in & out of our main backdoor here at work ... and you skirt to get to the restrooms or the rest of the kitchen area (the tiled floor). Why, you might ask, is trash accumulated here? Because bozo #1 insists on being our 'maintenance' person, so bozo #2 and the rest of us won't touch it. Yes, it's self-defeating but .. if 3 partners don't have enough kahunas to stand up to the first & hire a real cleaning service ... fine.
There are times I'm surprised I don't hyperventilate, as I take deep breaths, trying not to spaz out ... I apparently truly am waiting for a magical job to land in my lap, literally. Silly me. And I make excuses as to why I don't do more to change my job. Again, silly me. Past time for some major self-awareness, self-evaluation ... I have found, on a positive note, that driving our van to & from work has helped my road rage. Not having to shift gears and push the clutch pedal has been a great change! As much as I've enjoyed my little Focus and as good as it's been to me, I'm going to be very grateful to have a permanent change to an automatic transmission! :o)
Stitching's been quite limited this week ... Hockey playoffs have resumed, so maybe I'll get more done!


d said...

Okay ... so there are bozos at your work too. What do they have? A bozo school out there?


~Kim~ said...

Hope the bozo's unite soon, and bust a move!

Check out my blog, I have tagged you. :)