Saturday, May 19, 2007

One down ...

I'm participating in a round robin with 8 other women in PALs. We've got 6 weeks to do each piece we receive - but I got my first one done early. (whoo hoo!) For Toni's, we're to do at least 1 block, but I did two - #2 & #3, from the left, in the top row. This is one chart I've considered buying, but after stitching my 2 blocks and updating my schedule of my own stash - I know I won't. It's a beautiful piece and looking at my photo of what I stitched, I see the patterns in the blocks far better than when I was stitching it. *lol* I just couldn't seem to get a "rhythm" to what I was doing ... maybe it was my own frame of mind, maybe it's the chart. Dunno, doesn't matter. I do think this is a good piece for a round robin & I know Toni's going to love it when it's completed and back in her home.

I did start my ornament, for an exchange I'm in, last night. My partner in the exchange has taste similar to my own and I love this piece from JCS' ornament issue, so ... hopefully she'll like it as well as like my tweaking of it. *lol* I hope to finish it as a pinkeep ornament ... fingers crossed, everyone, please!


Amy said...

Oh that's pretty Nancy! I'm sure it will get to me one of these days! ;-)

Pumpkin said...

Wow! Toni's sampler is going to be incredible. It must be such fun to be able to add your touch to it :o)