Sunday, May 20, 2007

Yard work

What a weekend of work! We'd heard we were to get rain today, so yesterday, we hit the yard work HARD. Kel & I spent about 5-1/2 hours on the front & side flower beds, Tom spent about 4 yesterday and today on the veg garden. Kel & I dug and treated, adding "garden soil" and manure to the flower beds, then planting at least 5 flats of flowers. Now, everyone cross their fingers that it all takes & we've got riotous color for the summer! :o)

These photos are (1) approaching the front porch, showing the stepping stone Linda made me for my last birthday (2) the shrubs, wheelbarrow & shovel (both were my grandfather's) to the side of the front porch (3) my lovely Japanese irises in bloom & some of our hens & chicks and (4) a cleaned-up Kel after a day of yard work.

Tom tilled again and planted tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers - seeds for beans, squash, melons ... he's got potatoes left to put in & seeds for onions, a few lettuces, cabbage - but the bulk of his work is done. He FINALLY cleared out the weed fabric from last summer (YEA!!!) and tilled that corner all under.

Uh oh! Thunder's been heard ... I'm off!

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Pumpkin said...

You've got a good start Nancy :o) Can't wait to see some colors!