Sunday, June 03, 2007

Almost ready

Well, that's not totally true ... *lol* The first is done - I FINALLY framed LHN's Where There is Life & hung it. 'Bout time!

This is the "almost ready" part .. Lilian's going to finish my LHN Quilt Time into a totebag, as she did for her SIL. Renee, Rita & Lauren - and the Country Craft employee - helped me pick out the fabric when we were in Berlin. The fabric to the right is for the liner - the others are for the log cabin-style finish Lilian's doing. I'm laundering the fabrics today, then off it will all be to Holland.


Shari said...

very pretty!!! Beautiful colors of fabric!!!! Great job to all!!!

Sally said...

Where There is Life is beautiful in it's frame. It reminded me that I still haven't done anything with mine!

Pumpkin said...

What a lovely idea Nancy! I've never seen that done before. Please post a picture when it's sewn together.

I need to frame my LHN as well. It's one of my favorite pieces :o)

I'm glad you and the girls had a great day together!