Monday, July 30, 2007

NH & Vietnam

Looking towards town from C's yard, you see this steel grid bridge. Some people don't like the sound of vehicles driving across it - somehow, it comforted me ... the 'old time' sound of the grid.

This is C's lot next to the bridge & road - and that's the picnic table where we had dinner 2 nights. Gotta love Bill & Bob's roast beef!! YUM!!!

C brings back souvenirs when he travels to Nam ... this time, Kel & I were fortunate recipients! We each received a fan - this one's Kel's. Mine is all wood, like the lower portion of Kel's - and is scented. Mmmmm....

Kel had quite an eye for beautiful landscapes. This is the Pemi, behind C's house.


Rochester NH ... home of a wonderful friend. This is his backyard but still doesn't show all of the work he's done. When he bought the house, all of this (and I mean ALL) was heavily wooded & overgrown. He's cleared it out, done a bit of landscaping and it is gorgeous! Soon he'll be selling the house, to move into his g/f's home ... and he's already playing with an excavator on her grounds! :o)

This picture should have been placed with the last one in this post, as they are both at our Nam vet friend's home. We spent a lot of time in this shaded area. There's a perpetual campfire going, especially if C's brother is there. What is it about guys & fires? *lol*

As you walk back to The Basin, in Franconia Notch, you pass this cool (literally & figuratively) offshoot ... Walking through the cool air felt wonderful after being exposed to the full sun at the top of the mountain. How awesome to see the remains of the work of the glaciers...

Once again, back at C's ... sit & watch the river run by ...

Another view from the Tram's "home" at the base of the mountain ... yep, we went up there! The Tram can hold 80 people in the summer - 70 in the winter when they're in heavier clothing & toting skies & such. Truthfully? I wouldn't want to be in there with that many people but ... I guess if you want to get to the top bad enough ....

As we climbed the mountain, Kel snapped this one, looking back down ... The trams don't turn around & go back down (there are 2). Being trams & not gondolas, they go up, then go backwards, back down ...

Looking down from the observation tower at the top of Cannon, you see the only road that goes through Franconia Notch. The area in the middle that goes off the main road is the campground the guys use in November.

Tom & Kelli had to play on "jenga rock" as the guys call it. Their actual campsite is off the right, across an open field - but this rock serves as the base for their jenga game (boy, that doesn't look like it's spelled right!). They stack firewood or 4x4's or whatever monstrous sized wood they've grabbed for the year - and play jenga. Whoever makes the pile fall has to climb down the embankment or something like that ... All I know is, it's a true example of boys being boys ... no matter the size of their toys! ;o)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

New England

We're home from our 9 day journey to Massachusetts, New Hampshire & Maine ... and while I missed home & my own bed, I really wish we were still there!

We spent quite a bit of time seeing where Tom & his buds camp every November. Here we learned how to use the timer on our camera, while we were at The Basin near Franconia Notch.

The same day, we rode The Tram to the top of Cannon Mountain - about 4,000 feet above sea level. Awesome sites! It was a clear day so we could see the Green Mountains in Vermont - then those in New Hampshire (where we were) and Maine. Too cool!

The Pemi River runs right behind Charlie's house ... too beautiful! Tom said the water was great. He went in twice - both times when Kelli & I were out running errands for dinner & such. *lol* Lots of kayakers floated by as we'd sit there, viewing the river while we enjoyed our morning coffees. What a life!!

This is our beautiful niece Molly (who's pregnant - whoo hoo!!!) & Kel. Molly took us to Newburyport on Saturday so we could see the shops & explore a bit of Yankee Homecoming. Love you, Mol!!

More pictures later ... of course!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

To share...

Two of these are mine - I stitched them & finished them - and shared them earlier but this is a bit clearer and it shows the needleroll Lavon gave me (and Rita & Renee) when we were in Pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago. It was so very thoughtful of her!! Of course, I do love it & it goes with my other patriotic finishes beautifully.

This is the 2nd part of the PALs round robin. I stitched the one on the right - didn't put my name above it, as you can see. I just didn't have the energy to place it exactly as the owner wants the signatures placed. I frogged the piece 3 times - and it's not that big! I hope my stitching is ok for the owner ... This piece is not my "taste" and has reminded me why I've avoided RR's before. No more...

This is an over-one I'm stitching - one of Ellen Chester's freebies. I really like it but have no idea when it'll get completed as I doubt I'll carry it to New England with me. ;o)

Yep - we're finally heading back to MA & NH to visit everyone. Cannot wait!!

Rollin' down the river

Ok, we were canoeing, tubing & rafting ... but ... it was definitely down the Lower Platte River! :o)


We've been having issues with our camera & getting the photos off ... finally! success!

This lil cutie actually turned 3 back in December, but she was majorly ill so she got to celebrate her "half" birthday with the other kids. Looks just like her daddy!

This guy had a blast playing pirate with his buddies!

Ah, a princess & her jewels! *lol*

Friday, July 13, 2007

And the band plays on

Yesterday was the last evening session of pre-band camp. Sunday, K leaves for her final high school band camp ... Last night they had a short parent performance in the high school parking lot. That's mine, in the red & white shirt, to the left of the percussion helper (in the gray & white stripes). She got a lovely cymbal burn on her leg last night when the boy next to her (earlier in the evening) dropped his cymbals. Fortunately, she had her jeans rolled up so the injury wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been as cymbals are a bit lethal.
Thursday evening at band camp will be the 'senior night'. The seniors dress up (after the evening practice session) and walk around the college campus, stopping where each other class of students are gathered, exchanging hugs, well wishes, etc. Then they go to the hill & roll down it - quite fitting after dressing up, right? *lol* I know I will continue to say it, so I'll apologize now for sounding like a broken record, but I can't believe my child is a senior in high school already! Another percussion parent & I are driving down to camp Thursday evening so we can be part of the fun & tears. And, yes, I asked K if it was ok ... ;o) Now to remember to not wear mascara that evening - last year was tearful enough, watching kids I'd come to know go through this ceremony. Now it's "my" kids - so many of them I've known since they were in kindergarten.
I've done no stitching this week ... I've had to be at the school every evening, too, collecting fees and forms from all of the students. I did start my part of a round robin on Sunday, but ... it's sat ever since. I have to finish it this weekend as it's one I'm not fond of at all - it's just not my taste and it's got quarter stitches & outlining - stitches I work hard to avoid anymore. *lol*
I guess I'm getting 2 of my older stitched pieces back sometime soon. My ex-MIL called me last night, fearful she'd anger me when she told me she can't hang 2 of the pieces I'd done for her way back when. The frames aren't made to be hung - my ex-FIL would never allow her to hang anything on their home's walls, so everything I did was made to sit on a shelf. She's got limited wall space in her new apartment, so she asked my permission to give me the 2 back. *sigh* It'll be sort of cool to have something I created that long ago back in my hands but they're both pieces I wouldn't stitch now. I'll figure out something to do with them, I'm sure.

Monday, July 02, 2007

there is a needle involved....

Remember the "mail bag" pattern I bought in Berlin last month (was it last month??? *lol*)? This is proof that I've actually begun the process of making one! Yea me! The colors don't show all that well - the blues look more black here ... weird. These 2 sections are the front & back of the body of the bag. I've pieced the 3 sections that make the flap & inside pocket, but I didn't get them sewn yesterday - too much yard work needed done.

If we get rain for the 4th, maybe I'll get more sewing done. K & I are going to the Drum Corps International performance tonight in Centerville, with A & her family. Should be a great time!! Tomorrow night's marching band practice, so booster officer presence. Friday's off to Pittsburgh with a few of my stitching friends ... will some miracle happen that a sewing fairy creeps into our basement & gets this whole bag assembled by Friday? Oh, one may hope! :o)