Friday, July 13, 2007

And the band plays on

Yesterday was the last evening session of pre-band camp. Sunday, K leaves for her final high school band camp ... Last night they had a short parent performance in the high school parking lot. That's mine, in the red & white shirt, to the left of the percussion helper (in the gray & white stripes). She got a lovely cymbal burn on her leg last night when the boy next to her (earlier in the evening) dropped his cymbals. Fortunately, she had her jeans rolled up so the injury wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been as cymbals are a bit lethal.
Thursday evening at band camp will be the 'senior night'. The seniors dress up (after the evening practice session) and walk around the college campus, stopping where each other class of students are gathered, exchanging hugs, well wishes, etc. Then they go to the hill & roll down it - quite fitting after dressing up, right? *lol* I know I will continue to say it, so I'll apologize now for sounding like a broken record, but I can't believe my child is a senior in high school already! Another percussion parent & I are driving down to camp Thursday evening so we can be part of the fun & tears. And, yes, I asked K if it was ok ... ;o) Now to remember to not wear mascara that evening - last year was tearful enough, watching kids I'd come to know go through this ceremony. Now it's "my" kids - so many of them I've known since they were in kindergarten.
I've done no stitching this week ... I've had to be at the school every evening, too, collecting fees and forms from all of the students. I did start my part of a round robin on Sunday, but ... it's sat ever since. I have to finish it this weekend as it's one I'm not fond of at all - it's just not my taste and it's got quarter stitches & outlining - stitches I work hard to avoid anymore. *lol*
I guess I'm getting 2 of my older stitched pieces back sometime soon. My ex-MIL called me last night, fearful she'd anger me when she told me she can't hang 2 of the pieces I'd done for her way back when. The frames aren't made to be hung - my ex-FIL would never allow her to hang anything on their home's walls, so everything I did was made to sit on a shelf. She's got limited wall space in her new apartment, so she asked my permission to give me the 2 back. *sigh* It'll be sort of cool to have something I created that long ago back in my hands but they're both pieces I wouldn't stitch now. I'll figure out something to do with them, I'm sure.


~Kim~ said...

Oh they grow up so fast!! Enjoy the last year. :)

Sorry to hear about your stitching piece being returned, just be thankful its not finding the garbage instead.


Pumpkin said...

LOL! At least she asked if she could give them back. I would love if someone would do that with mine. I hate to see when they are given to someone else or just thrown away :o( You'll have to post pictures Nancy ;o)