Monday, September 03, 2007

My recent labors ;-)

I'm farther along than this photo shows, but this is the progress I'd made @ 24 hours ago on "Thankfulness". I'm stitching over 2 on "Autumn Splendor" from Sassy's Fabrics (36ct). As always, I love her fabric! The photo doesn't do the colors justice so hopefully my next photo will be better.

This is my progress on "Martha Brady" ... apparently, I saved the wrong photo as I thought the colors showed better than this. It's being stitched on "Gray Flannel" from Sassy - 1 strand, over 2 on 36ct. I've done too much frogging on it, trying to stitch & watch movies. *lol* Usually that's not a problem but it sure has been on this piece!

Yep, I love my monochromatics .... ;o)

It's been a fairly quiet weekend here - not a bad thing at all! I did do about 3 hours of hard labor in the flower beds yesterday. They're not totally done for the year but I cleaned out everything that was done along with the weeds my DD had missed earlier in the week. We've decided to pull a couple of shrubs before the winter - yea!! I'd much rather plant a huge amount of perennials than have those ugly things. I think we're close to losing one of our crabapple trees. Last January's weird weather really zapped it so depending on how hard this coming winter is, it may have to go, too.

The few hummingbirds we have are inhaling their food and are almost constantly around right now. They must be getting ready for their southern flights ... it'll be sad to not hear their chatter, but the cycle of life must go on.


Shari said...

both pieces look great Nancy!!! I have to know!!!!!!! HOW COME I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT AUTUMN SPENDOR FABRIC?!!?!? I must really be in the dark!!!
Love your projects!! Thanks for sharing!

Itching To Stitch said...

Oh, I just love your Martha Brady piece ;)

Pumpkin said...

Wonderful, wonderful projects you have on the go Nancy! I can't wait to see Thankfullness done :o)

I'll miss those lovely hummingbirds too :o(