Monday, September 03, 2007

the rock

Our high school seniors - of which my DD is one - traditionally paint the school rocks at the beginning of their senior year. This past Friday, they got to work & did a great job! My DD got there right after they'd finished, so she was able to add her name (eating lunch was more important to her *lol*).

This class is unique ... each year of their high school career has brought a change in how they attended school. The first year was the first time in many years our 9th graders didn't attend class as only one class in another of our school buildings and it was the year the split sessions began. We had 3 separate class times, from the earliest (my DD's group) starting school at 6:50am to the latest which began class at 12:30pm & didn't end until 6pm. They've tweaked the schedule every year since with last year's being "waves" of classes. The only difference was the starting times but the school board felt better (yeah, it was all about pr). This year we're back to a traditional school plan - all of the students in the building at once. We've got about 1,700 kids in the building & modulars, all at the same time. So far, so good ... but everyone's holding their collective breath.

Our football team's won both games this season - and they've got the potential to win them all. I hope they have an outstanding year - it's long overdue & it'd be a wonderful mark of this graduating class.

The first band competition's in 2 weeks ... yikes! The band's coming together quickly, as they always do once school begins & they're practicing every day - such an accomplishment to witness!

Go Cruisers!!


Shari said...

what a neat tradition!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Pumpkin said...

LOL! Love the rock!

Wow, they sure want to mix those children up! I graduated in a class of over 800 so our HS was huge too.

Sandy said...

That's so cool. I love the idea. I wish they'd do something like this at DS's school, I don't think we have rocks that big down here in Louisiana. We could truck them in. :P TFS.

Shelleen said...

that was cool. I am also a mom of a senior and so far so good.