Monday, November 19, 2007

Coming soon

I have 2-1/2 of these little handbags knitted so far - 2 are already felted. None are assembled. *lol* I'm pushing myself to get the 3rd one knitted & felted - then I'll do assembly. It's not hard - knit a row, purl a row - so yeah, it gets a bit boring. ;o) I'm hoping to do the 3 for our 3 oldest nieces ... or, my daughter, T's DIL, my oldest niece. Or, 3 stitching friends. Orororor ... *lol* Have to finish them first!
<--This is not one of mine - it's the photo from Lion's website.


Pumpkin said...

Those are SO cool! Now I know what I'm getting for Christmas ;o)

How did you learn to make them?

Sally said...

Oh wow that are fantastic Nancy!