Monday, November 12, 2007


And you think I'm sharing them? Well, I was going to but have decided the pics are too blurry, so ... another day. ;o)
My honey's home - well, to his brother's house - so I get to talk with him once again! Yea! Lots of news to share with him - especially K's great audition experience Saturday. Her perc director here didn't follow through as he said he would & K was very worried about how things would go at the college. The dean & the director both reassured her beforehand - then the director complimented her a lot on her "good hands". *lol* He's offered to teach her drumset & guitar once she's there - she's looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to seeing what the scholarship $ is! I don't want her to go away to college but ... if it's what she wants, I'll feel good with this choice. Good people are everywhere, in every contact we've had with them to date. Found out today T's son & his family will be here for Christmas - yea!! And it looks like we're hosting T'giving dinner here for 2 of T's siblings & their families, as well as my niece & her family. Cool!!
Our football team lost in Sat night's playoff game. *sigh* The boys have to be proud - this was the furthest our school's team has ever gone in playoffs - pretty cool! They kept HD's points low - quite an accomplishment.
So, marching band is done. Hallelujah! We've got indoor drumline starting next week but it won't be quite as insane as marching. (I hope! *lol*) Now it's a period of money going out ... senior pictures, cap & gown, invitations, college deposits ... OUCH!
Tomorrow night's an indoor performance by Ohio University's marching band. K & I are attending with friends - promises to be a fun evening! I'll get pics here someday soon!

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