Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ok .. the chocolate template was just too much work ... *lol* Thanks, Michele, for trying to help me! Not sure about the colors I've set up here but ... hmm ... yeah, it's Thanksgiving colors! ;o)

My honey's home! YEA!!! Now he's got my cold ... though I think it's far safer to say, he's got the cold he was apparently sharing with me before he left 2 weeks ago! While he was up in the cold weather mountains, his stayed quiet - but once he got back to civilization - well, together, we make beautiful (NOT!) music. Sure hope he feels better fast!

Our temps here have dropped almost 30 degrees from yesterday! It's spitting rain right now, but it'll maybe be snow showers later this evening. Brrrrr! These drastic changes in temps are silly. Oh well ... nothing I can do about it.

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