Sunday, December 16, 2007

Love my guy!

Friday was my birthday ... we won't discuss how old I am since I am currently older than my SO (we're 11 days apart *lol*). To celebrate, the 3 of us went to dinner at Japanese Steak House (YUMMMM!!!) and T gave me a new digital camera! YES! I am in heaven!! The HP he gave me a few years ago has been dying and I became increasingly frustrated with it. I am now the proud owner of a Canon & absolutely love it! This picture is not one I took ... it is the camera, wrapped for me. Note the newspaper bow on the top! Gotta love my creative guy!

That morning started with a good laugh ... I'd gotten up to start my day ... and fortunately, was awake enough & had the bathroom lights on because T had written "Happy Birthday - Better Not Older" on the roll of toilet paper! *lol* Never, ever boring in our home!

The weekend's been busy - as with most everyone else, I'm sure. We took X to see Santa yesterday & he did quite well, especially considering it was the first time he was anywhere near a live Santa. We had a heavy snow early in the afternoon, that changed to rain ... good thing as K hosted a Christmas party here last night with about 20 guests. I've had quite enough Guitar Hero & DDR for awhile! *lol* Two of her friends brought theirs to share ... they played Twister ... exchanged gifts ... a good time was had by all.

I got a good amount of stitching done while the kids partied in the basement - and today have caught up booster bookkeeping (I'm such a good girl! *lol*), paid bills, did laundry, fixed dinner, made the photo book (post below) and have been finishing up a stitching project.

And I wonder why I'm tired? *lol*

Tomorrow's dental appointments, maybe pick up some gift cards ... then to putting finishing touches on things I've stitched. Ok, that's what I hope to get done tomorrow after work! ;o) We're actually not in bad shape, purchase-wise, so between T & I, we should be able to have everything in hand by mid-week. Everyone cross their fingers for us please!

Weird winter weather's hit so many areas this week ... one of our friends in NH told us today the snow's waist-deep at his house - shoulder height behind his garage! He's had to have his lot plowed 7 times so far - compared to 2 or 3 past Decembers! I hope you all are safe & warm in your homes!!


Pumpkin said...

Oh Nancy! I didn't even pick up that it was your birthday :o( I'm SO sorry!


Your SO is a very thoughtful guy and has a great sense of humor too :o) I'm happy to hear it was a very special day for you.

We've got snow but the worst part must have passed us by. That's okay though!

Sally said...

Happy Belated Birthday Nancy!

monique said...

Happy (belated) birthday! Great gift... love the wrapping :)