Monday, December 17, 2007


A small wandering away from my usual stitching posts ...

The world has lost a wonderful musician to prostate cancer - Dan Fogelberg. You may not know of him or his music ... if not, please try to hear it. Listen to it, absorb it. His lyrics, his melodies are timeless and always grab your soul. And if there's a man in your life - push him, pull him, drag him to a doctor for an exam ... we've all been touched by cancer, somehow. We've all felt the loss, the fear, the anger. And each person we've lost has been someone dear, someone with a talent, a skill, a heart.

Some may think this post maudlin ... maybe. We've sat this evening, listening to Dan's music, holding our private tribute to him. He was our age - 56 years old. I'm sure that's part of why his death hits so hard ... but it's also that he's another of our contemporaries who's light is now dark. That we won't hear more from him is ... beyond sad.


Sally said...

OMG I cannot believe it! I have an album of his ( can't play it anymore as we no longer have a turntable) and I loved it a lot. Such a sad loss.

Pumpkin said...

Oh wow, I never even heard the news :o( That is very sad.