Thursday, December 20, 2007


I finally got some of my "vintage" stitching finished ... phew! I stitched these, then tea-dyed the stitched fabric - my first attempt. I'm pleased! The "liberty" one was dyed only once - the other two were soaked twice as they didn't take much dye the first time around. I made the pillows tonight, then stitched everything together.

Tomorrow night's our first-of-the-season CBJ hockey game - cannot wait!!! We're 6 rows off the ice - what great seats!!

Found out today my DD made our school's Renaissance program - gpa over 3.0 & less than 3 missed days (she's missed -0-). I'm VERY proud of her!!

To all who've wished me happy birthday - THANK YOU! :-)


Pumpkin said...

Those are lovely! Again Nancy, you blow me away with your talent :o)

Congrats to DD! No wonder you are proud of her :o)

Renee said...

I need to check your website more often!!!! heehee These are gorgeous!!!
Thank you!