Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's OVER!

Wow ... another January GONE. Survived. DONE. I've not counted how many W2's or 941's or 1099's I've prepared since January 1 ... I'm not sure I want to know. I've still got 1099's to finish for a few clients but for the most part ... they're done. Now to make new files for 2007, get all of my other work caught up. The Ohio CAT returns are due Feb 9 - some are ready to go, some still need calculations done ... but, that's all easy, compared to the last 30 days. I worked 250 hours ... yuck.

I have gotten some stitching done through the month ... I'm proud of that 'cause I really thought my brainmush-ness wouldn't let that happen. *lol* I started my LaDDa piece while with Char & Teresa but had to frog most of what I did then. Guess I was too buy talking, laughing & oohing & aahing over everyone else's stitching to be paying much attention to my own work! ;o) No biggie indeed.

So now to Quaker Samplings I. It's about 160 x 150 stitches - over 2 threads with 1 strand of floss. This is going to be interesting.

Happy February!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Quilt Time

I apologize for the quality of the picture, but ... here it is ...


It started about 2 hours ago ... we're to get about 2" before early afternoon, then it's to change to that dreaded 'wintry mix' ... but for now, it's SNOW!  FINALLY!!!  (This picture's looking out across our backyard to the house behind us)


Saturday, January 20, 2007


I finally finished "Quilt Time Sampler"!!! Boy, did this one take time, for whatever reason (wouldn't be my stitcher's ADD, would it? *lol*). I'll post a picture tomorrow ... I'm just so thankful it's done!

Worked today ... 8 hours. *sigh* I'd thought of going in tomorrow but I think I'm staying home & getting things done here instead. Kel's iPod needs to be returned & she's got her French lesson in the afternoon, then E next door is having his 5th birthday party. Hard to believe he's already 5!!

A coworker announced today she's got a date tomorrow - her first in 12 years. Please everyone - send up good, happy thoughts for her! I hope she has a wonderful time!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Stitching progress

Done at last!!

This is LHN's "Two Blue Houses" tweaked quite a bit. I used Vikki Clayton silks, so the blues reflect my taste more than Diane's (LHN). I dropped her wording & bottom vine, added our hometown & the year we built our home. I'm pleased with it ... and glad it's done. *lol* Sometime this year, I'll do "Two Red Houses" as well ... then probably "Two White Houses" when LHN releases it.

And one of my two WIP's ... I started this LaDDa this past weekend at the stitch-in at Hueston Woods. It's the doxology - such a huge piece of my faith! For whatever weird reason, I thought I had enough WDW Pecan for it (all the wording) - boy, was I wrong! Oh well ... I'll finish this after I finish "Quilt Time Sampler" which just might be tomorrow evening. I'm tweaking that chart too ... just can't leave well enough alone, I guess! *lol*

Finish QTS, then this piece ... then *deep breath* I think I'm going to start one of my Quaker pieces. The monochromatic really appeals to me right now, with tax season's insanity. Just feels like what I'm to do, ya know?

To my wonderful Cincy friends - THANK YOU for asking me along to last weekend's stitch-in. I had a great time! Meeting your friends, seeing everyone's stitching (and drooling over it all! *lol*), having a bit of time away from the rat race of home & work - the laughter - oh, man, the laughter!! I don't think I'll ever look at a c-clamp again with a straight face! :o) Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And to my online group friends ... I so miss you but I've had to change to 'digest' form for awhile. Work's just way too insane ... lots of nonsense there that seems to have tension or something building every day. It's "safest" for me right now to tunnel in & slam through my work. I think of you all, hope all's well & pray you'll let me know if there's anything I need to know. ;-)

Monday, January 08, 2007


Thanks to certain enablers I know ;-) this is going to be my next purchase:

Isn't it beautiful?

It's been done in awesome colors by Marc ... I may have to follow his lead. ;o)

Now if I can locate the book I want (Delaborde & Castellano: Cartonnage Brode' au fil des boiles)

When I started doing embroidery - all those eons ago - I loved doing samplers - I did a few of the stamped variety (how did we do that??? *lol*). As new designers & their designs came along, I ventured away from my first love ... it's time to return. Designers like Drawn Thread have always grabbed my attention (and money!) but I think I'm going to add other designers to my stash.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Some stitching finally!

I think it's time to show what I'm stitching on ... I don't usually have more than one thing going at a time, but I "had" to start the Houses SAL on January 1, so I have two LHN's going at once. As soon as Houses is finished, I'll finish Quilt Time, then do something by another designer - Brightneedle or Heart's Content, probably. Who knows! *lol*

Monday, January 01, 2007

the kids

tom, his nephew & his son ... they look way too much alike!

grandpa & the grandkids

barbies!  kelli got her stash out of the crawl space & the girls were in heaven!  :-)

the boys

warming their tushies at the zoo ... *lol*



For quite awhile I belonged to an online group of women who were married/partnered with Vietnam veterans.  Over the past 6 months or so, I participated extremely little with them - and, when they began making the final plans for their annual get-together in October (the same time as our PALs get-together) I left the group.  So, imagine my surprise when I received this wonderful heart in the mail at Christmas.

Mitzi's a talented artist - she made Tom a "purple heart" with beads & jewels when I had his "welcome home" party a few years ago, when we had finally gotten his Vietnam medals in hand.  That heart I had ordered from her, then she made smaller beaded versions for the vets who came to the party as her gift to them.  I really like this Vietnam vet color heart - it will be hung in our home always.



Mom really liked her fob (and the scissors I gave her as well *lol*)  and Josie liked her "Joyeux Noel" gift.  She told Kel she's never found things for her home with the saying - guess I better share my blog sites with her!  *lol*


I finally uploaded pictures today...