Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Need to update photos of my stitching ... yep, sure do ... when I remember to buy batteries for the camera. *lol* Tried taking a few with my phone's camera & didn't like them, so ... maybe this weekend I'll get that far.
Need to vent about work so feel free to just ignore all of this ...
I am swamped here at work. Never-ending work, which is fine as I hate to be bored, but most everyone else is sitting around gabbing, pawning work off on others (not me!) so they can spend even more time with personal sxxt ... One's talking constantly about her adult children & her grandchildren - which is fine but over & over & over? Another is either on her cell phone or an office line, talking about her crafts/her son/her husband/whatever ... It's distracting, it's wrong - and clients are getting billed when no work is being done. Yes, I close my door - but it filters through and my moralistic little self gets angry at it all. I try repeating "one more year" over & over and sometimes it helps ... sometimes, though, I want to create a scene from a romance novel or something - you know, THROW the door open, take a stance out in the common area, throw my hands on my hips & scream "SHUTUP!". Hey, others here have gotten away with tons of inappropriate behavior ... what's the worst that could happen? *lol*
In a few months, I'll have a bit more time for myself ... it'll be time to update the resume, compute what I can live on if I don't drive so far to work, etc. Of course, that's also when it'll be time to be completing the FAFSA for my DD, making college decisions with her, etc ... but somehow, I think I'll find the time. ;o)
And we now return to our regular programming ....

Monday, August 13, 2007

Another one begun

I have finally begun "Martha Brady" by Needleprint!

I'd bought fabric in NH for this that turned out to not be the count as marked on the package, so I instead got a piece of wonderful 36 ct "gray flannel" linen from Sassy. I love the fabric - it's stitching very nicely!!! Thanks, Sassy, for creating this for me! For the most part, I'm using Needlepaint Silks, but am mixing some Soie in as well. This is great fun to play with!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A few of my flowers

I'm very pleased with how well the planters in the wheelbarrow have done this year!

Only a few of my original cannas survived our weird winter - but the red is a gift from one of my mom's friends. Beautiful color!

Love my lavender!

Ok, these aren't flowers ... but these cherry tomatoes have been so good this year - I had to show them off! :o)


I don't think I've posted these ... *lol*

These pictures were taken last weekend of our glorious garden. It has been so wonderful this year with it's bounty! This first shows the melon patch, then potatoes, cucumbers, then tomatoes, peppers & beans.

We pulled the bean plants today .. the zucchini croaked while we were on vacation, thanks to my BIL's overwatering. We were fortunate to have had some great eats from them while they lasted!

There's a watermelon in here ... can you see it? We've got 2 ready to be picked. Since Tom's already picked one & it wasn't quite ready, I'm letting him pick a "really" ripe one.

These are our rows of potatoes - Burpee's "4th of July" Tom's going to check them this week as they're probably ready to be dug up. This is the first time I've grown potatoes - can't wait to see how they've done!

Our cucumbers - struggling a bit with the BIL's overwatering - but they've been very tasty! Tom's going to try dehydrating some - should be an interesting experience!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

I stitched this while we were in New England, at the beginning of the trip when I had time to sit & stitch. The rock is a small piece of NH granite. I'm thinking this would make a good needleroll. Let's see if I actually do that ... *lol*

I'm FINALLY putting a picture of this wonderful creation here! Lilian in The Netherlands created this tote bag for me, with my stitched Quilt Time Sampler. I LOVE it!! I've not begun to carry it yet - we've been traveling too much, been too many places, to jeopardize something happening to this. Maybe this weekend, when I go to Cincinnati for Keepsakes' cookout, I'll carry it.

I stitched these over 20 years ago, for my now ex-MIL. She's returned them to me since she's no place to display them. Not sure what I'll do with them ... maybe an ornament for the barn, maybe a cube for the Hummel. Decisions, decision...

Another one from With My Needle - Eliza's Pyn Pillow. Took me too long to stitch (yep, it's over-one), simply because of all the traveling & all we've done the past couple of months. I've seen some finishes I'd like to try - so I may try one with this.