Thursday, September 27, 2007


What wonderful high school memories my daughter is building ... today, there was a lockdown. Supposedly a gun was found near the bus garage - one person's been arrested. K said they heard the shot from the gun ... *sigh* Her freshman year, there was a lockdown from a bomb scare ... Now, her senior year, this ... June 2008 won't come soon enough.

I've been stitching this week on a friend's signature RR - need to finish tonight so I can hand it off tomorrow when we all meet. Her whole piece is going to be outstanding when it's done!

I've been in a bit of a funk - I can't seem to shake this cold I've had over a week now. It's not as bad as it was, but it's bad enough to make me tired & grouchy. I'm going to miss MB this year, which is hitting me as really sad lately. I know it's for the best - we've got college visits scheduled then, T's continuing dental surgery's next phase is that week - and it should keep tension or whatever down amongst those attendees who might know or hear about the non-friendship of me & another stitcher. But the thought of walking on the beach - oh, how good that sounds! I'll miss that as much as I'll miss any person, I think! *lol* I think at least some of it is right now, my life's not in my control - there are too many "have to do's" and "need to do's" happening just now and that wears thin quickly.

Aaaahhh .... life does go on. Tonight, X & his parents will be at our house for dinner - YEA!

Monday, September 24, 2007


The picture's not the best but ... here it is. A week ago, our band participated in their first contest of the season. Sadly, they didn't qualify for state - yet! - but they certainly will at the next contest. My DD is the ponytailed one on the marimba. I don't think you can see quite all of our kids in this photo but ... I tried. ;o)

Another craft ...

Like I need something else to spend money on & play with! I've played with scrapbooking & card making for awhile now but have really been stockpiling supplies lately, with great intentions of making my daughter a commemorative book of her senior year, Christmas gifts, etc. Hey, I can rationalize with the best of 'em!

I made this card for my mom's birthday earlier this month. The other side had a birthday/Mom verse. Now to get X's birthday card made - everything's only been sitting here a week! :o)

Giving thanks

I had a great start to this piece a few weeks ago ... then, contest & family moving here from Florida took it to a slow crawl. But, I finally finished "Thankfulness" by Imaginating. I love it!! I used Sassy's Fabrics "Autumn Splendor" and a silk to stitch and I really like how it turned out. Now to get have it framed ...

I am more than thankful for this darling wonderful little boy - my great nephew. The high chair he's in was my mom's - and mine & my brother's - then my daughter's - and now his. X is such a sweetie & I'm thrilled he & his parents have moved here! I babysat Saturday since both parents had to work & we had a great time. Love this little guy!

Monday, September 10, 2007

stitching of a different sort

I've gotten some x stitching done recently but I've also spent time doing good ol' sewing ... When 4 of us were in Holmes County a few months ago, Renee & I both chose fabric "charms" (precut 5" squares) we each liked for a messenger bag we saw in a store. I offered to sew both bags - after all, it's all straight stitch. *lol* The sewing & assembly wasn't hard - interpreting the designer's directions were at times challenging - and I made a few miscuts along the way because of that. But, I got through it & was able to surprise Renee yesterday with her finished bag. Now to make mine! :o)

Monday, September 03, 2007

the rock

Our high school seniors - of which my DD is one - traditionally paint the school rocks at the beginning of their senior year. This past Friday, they got to work & did a great job! My DD got there right after they'd finished, so she was able to add her name (eating lunch was more important to her *lol*).

This class is unique ... each year of their high school career has brought a change in how they attended school. The first year was the first time in many years our 9th graders didn't attend class as only one class in another of our school buildings and it was the year the split sessions began. We had 3 separate class times, from the earliest (my DD's group) starting school at 6:50am to the latest which began class at 12:30pm & didn't end until 6pm. They've tweaked the schedule every year since with last year's being "waves" of classes. The only difference was the starting times but the school board felt better (yeah, it was all about pr). This year we're back to a traditional school plan - all of the students in the building at once. We've got about 1,700 kids in the building & modulars, all at the same time. So far, so good ... but everyone's holding their collective breath.

Our football team's won both games this season - and they've got the potential to win them all. I hope they have an outstanding year - it's long overdue & it'd be a wonderful mark of this graduating class.

The first band competition's in 2 weeks ... yikes! The band's coming together quickly, as they always do once school begins & they're practicing every day - such an accomplishment to witness!

Go Cruisers!!

My recent labors ;-)

I'm farther along than this photo shows, but this is the progress I'd made @ 24 hours ago on "Thankfulness". I'm stitching over 2 on "Autumn Splendor" from Sassy's Fabrics (36ct). As always, I love her fabric! The photo doesn't do the colors justice so hopefully my next photo will be better.

This is my progress on "Martha Brady" ... apparently, I saved the wrong photo as I thought the colors showed better than this. It's being stitched on "Gray Flannel" from Sassy - 1 strand, over 2 on 36ct. I've done too much frogging on it, trying to stitch & watch movies. *lol* Usually that's not a problem but it sure has been on this piece!

Yep, I love my monochromatics .... ;o)

It's been a fairly quiet weekend here - not a bad thing at all! I did do about 3 hours of hard labor in the flower beds yesterday. They're not totally done for the year but I cleaned out everything that was done along with the weeds my DD had missed earlier in the week. We've decided to pull a couple of shrubs before the winter - yea!! I'd much rather plant a huge amount of perennials than have those ugly things. I think we're close to losing one of our crabapple trees. Last January's weird weather really zapped it so depending on how hard this coming winter is, it may have to go, too.

The few hummingbirds we have are inhaling their food and are almost constantly around right now. They must be getting ready for their southern flights ... it'll be sad to not hear their chatter, but the cycle of life must go on.