Friday, October 26, 2007


Our band has done a tremendous job this year - and the awards they earned at their contest on Oct 13 showed them! They got 7 awards - including best percussion (that's my DD back left holding the award) - best band, best visual, best field commander ... it was an awesome night!
Tonight's our Senior Night - the last regularly-scheduled football game performance by our senior. My DD is a senior - so we'll take the field with her at halftime. Truly, a bittersweet moment. This year has had way too much drama among the adults - with special "thanks" (NOT!) to a band parent who's also a school board member. I won't miss any of that nonsense - not even for a nannosecond. I most assuredly will miss seeing these wonderful kids every week! Nov 2 is our performance at State Contest - please keep these kids in your thoughts & prayers. May their performance be as wonderful as it was Oct 13!
We've been doing the college visit routine ... so my stitching has suffered greatly. ;o) I do have one ornament from this year's JCS issue almost done, so maybe I'll actually have a stitching picture to share here later this weekend! *lol* I did get "Thankfulness" framed - did it myself with one of Lori's great frames - so I'll get a picture of it as well.