Saturday, November 24, 2007

these are fun!

Yep, finished another! :o)

Friday, November 23, 2007

all finished!

This one's for me ... and another attempt at tassles ... not bad .. ;o)

This one's for an exchange ... played with ribbon & I think I won! *lol*

Thursday, November 22, 2007

One other

In 2 weeks, 7 other band moms & I are having our 2nd annual cookie/gift exchange. I made little invitations for everyone - using a gingerbread man cookie "theme". The ones that were mailed also had a little red bow at the neck. He's a fold-out so there are actually 3 little guys, all holding hands. Each tummy had a tag with a detail about our gathering.

Now to get the cookies baked ...!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

something different

A coworker showed me one of these she'd made (well, more than one - she made them to sell at a craft show) & I really liked them ... so, here's my first attempt. The pics are my little cutie - my greatnephew - in his costume for Halloween.

I've been collecting papers & all like crazy to make more ... and I certainly will do so!

Monday, November 19, 2007

almost an ornament

Hopefully this weekend I'll finish this into an actual ornament ... hopefully!


This pincushion is a design & finish from June 2007's "The Gift of Stitching" ... I love this finish!

Coming soon

I have 2-1/2 of these little handbags knitted so far - 2 are already felted. None are assembled. *lol* I'm pushing myself to get the 3rd one knitted & felted - then I'll do assembly. It's not hard - knit a row, purl a row - so yeah, it gets a bit boring. ;o) I'm hoping to do the 3 for our 3 oldest nieces ... or, my daughter, T's DIL, my oldest niece. Or, 3 stitching friends. Orororor ... *lol* Have to finish them first!
<--This is not one of mine - it's the photo from Lion's website.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

not so hot pictures

but ... you'll get the idea ... now if i could find the other photos i took that mysteriously aren't on my camera ....

and no details yet ... some surprises here ... ;o)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ok .. the chocolate template was just too much work ... *lol* Thanks, Michele, for trying to help me! Not sure about the colors I've set up here but ... hmm ... yeah, it's Thanksgiving colors! ;o)

My honey's home! YEA!!! Now he's got my cold ... though I think it's far safer to say, he's got the cold he was apparently sharing with me before he left 2 weeks ago! While he was up in the cold weather mountains, his stayed quiet - but once he got back to civilization - well, together, we make beautiful (NOT!) music. Sure hope he feels better fast!

Our temps here have dropped almost 30 degrees from yesterday! It's spitting rain right now, but it'll maybe be snow showers later this evening. Brrrrr! These drastic changes in temps are silly. Oh well ... nothing I can do about it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Ok, I really like my "chocolate" look here ... but now I can't remember how to "html" links to my favorite blogs! Help, anyone?

Monday, November 12, 2007


And you think I'm sharing them? Well, I was going to but have decided the pics are too blurry, so ... another day. ;o)
My honey's home - well, to his brother's house - so I get to talk with him once again! Yea! Lots of news to share with him - especially K's great audition experience Saturday. Her perc director here didn't follow through as he said he would & K was very worried about how things would go at the college. The dean & the director both reassured her beforehand - then the director complimented her a lot on her "good hands". *lol* He's offered to teach her drumset & guitar once she's there - she's looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to seeing what the scholarship $ is! I don't want her to go away to college but ... if it's what she wants, I'll feel good with this choice. Good people are everywhere, in every contact we've had with them to date. Found out today T's son & his family will be here for Christmas - yea!! And it looks like we're hosting T'giving dinner here for 2 of T's siblings & their families, as well as my niece & her family. Cool!!
Our football team lost in Sat night's playoff game. *sigh* The boys have to be proud - this was the furthest our school's team has ever gone in playoffs - pretty cool! They kept HD's points low - quite an accomplishment.
So, marching band is done. Hallelujah! We've got indoor drumline starting next week but it won't be quite as insane as marching. (I hope! *lol*) Now it's a period of money going out ... senior pictures, cap & gown, invitations, college deposits ... OUCH!
Tomorrow night's an indoor performance by Ohio University's marching band. K & I are attending with friends - promises to be a fun evening! I'll get pics here someday soon!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Took me long enough ... here, finally, is a photo of my framed "Thankfulness". The batteries in the camera are about shot so it's not the best photo, but, it works! :o)

Kel got her 2nd college acceptance today ... of course, it's the most expensive school we've visited yet! *lol* She's excited, though - the acceptances feel good!

Fall in New England

Yep, it's that time of year again ... my guy's off to New England to play with his family & friends. ;o) Personally, I think they're all a bit crazy - no, I KNOW they are - but ... they have fun! There's not been much snow in the White Mtns yet but it's coming! They're even saying WE have a possibility of the white wet stuff next week! NOOOOO!!!! Ok, it'll help me get in the "OMG, what haven't I made for Christmas yet???" mood but ... I am not looking forward to slipping & sliding on the roads. Oh well .... whatcha gonna do? *lol*

All Saints' Day

Well, as I didn't have a chance to get on here & wish everyone a Happy Halloween, instead, I'll wish you happy memories of your loved ones, on this, All Saints' Day. Today's the day I miss my dad the most ... He was confirmed in our church the same time I was, which was a pretty cool experience!

Kel & I carved our pumpkins again this year .. another thing my dad really enjoyed doing - and, so do Kel & I. The first is her own creation - her school's initals along with music notes. Pretty darn apropos! The 2 together are Jack & Sally from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" ... lol They all looked pretty darn good last night with candles lit inside them.